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MARQTAI is now in Public Beta.

Public Beta: Contribute to a Revolution

MARQTAI gives entrepreneurs accurate market data to make the right decisions and accelerate their mission.

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MARQTAI Product Features

Quickly and efficiently perform online market research. Create new marketing strategies and execute with ease.

Customisable Research Parameters

Customisable Research Parameters

Tailor research parameters to match your needs. Tell us what your company does, what your USP's are, where you operate and what goals you have. MarqtAI will ground it's research on your input.
Broad Research Areas

20 Research Types and Areas

Choose the type of research you want to complete from 20 different market study types, including branding, competitive analysis, customer profiling, trends & opportunities and much more.

AI-Powered Online Research

AI-Powered Online Research

MARQTAI uses the latest OpenAI models to perform analyses on extensive datasets, to find new insights and recognise patterns. Our AI engine will find the most relevant information and create reports automatically.
Comprehensive Research Reports

Comprehensive Research Reports

Receive detailed reports that synthesize research findings into clear summaries with actionable intelligence, aiding in strategic decision-making. Share reports with colleagues to build internal knowledge.
MARQTAI Chat Assistant

MARQTAI Chat Assistant

Work with the MARQTAI chat assistant, which helps put research into practice by performing marketing tasks like strategy development, content creation, and decision-making. 
Boost Decision Confidence

Boost Decision Confidence

Control how extensive your dataset is, by altering the amount of sources you use for each area and prioritising sources you trust.

Accelerate with Marketing Insights

With MARQTAI you no longer need to rely on gutfeel or perform long studies to make decisions. Validate your decisions instantly.

Empower Your Business with Data-Driven Insights

Gain a deep understanding of your industry, competitors, and customers. MARQTAI provides data-driven insights and market analysis that are essential for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Streamline your market research process with MARQTAI, reducing the costs and time associated with traditional data collection and analysis methods. Using our platform you will have the required insights in a matter of hours.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Gain a competitive edge by analysing your competition and understanding their position in the market. Our market research software helps you identify opportunities and threats in the market, allowing you to proactively adjust your strategies and maintain a leading position.

How it Works: AI Market Research



Start by setting up your personal parameters, which tells us what type of organisation you are and what you are looking to achieve.
Choose & Start
Choose the most relevant research type(s) you want to perform. Press the research button to tell MARQTAI to start doing research.
Detailed and Customised Reporting

Receive a detailed report generated by MARQTAI, which compiles the findings and provides guidance on how you can best move forward in a given area. Share reports across your organisation to build knowledge.

Interactive AI Chat for Real-Time Support

Utilise the built in chat assistant, which uses RAG to deliver real-time support on daily marketing tasks. This feature leverages all available market data to deliver highly accurate and pragmatic assistance, helping you make informed decisions swiftly.

20 Research Modules

MARQTAI currently offers 20 distinct research areas which each provide the data for an integrated marketing strategy.

Branding: Awareness, Image & Loyalty

Find out what the main brands in your market are, what the impact of brand is in your particular market and what you can do to leverage branding to accelerate.

Competition: Landscape

Research which competitors are active in your market and get a profile of what those competitors are doing. Learn how you should tackle competition in your market.

Competition: Market Share

Perform research on market share (depending on availability) and how your organisation can best position itself for success, by playing into underutilised markets.


We are certain MARQTAI will fit your use case and if you need some inspiration, here are three examples.

Use Case 1: Creating and Optimising Marketing Strategies

Data is instrumental in creating a reliable, accurate and impactful marketing strategy. But, research takes time and resources to complete, and not ever business is able to research every decision.

MARQTAI automates online research for areas like competitive analysis, brand research, customer segmentation and digital marketing research. We perform this research in a matter of hours and without the need for you or your team to be involved. Using the AI chat, you can turn this data into a solid marketing strategy in no time.

Use Case 2: Data-Driven Product Development

Imagine you are developing a product and want to go through concept testing and assess whether the market is ready for your idea. Doing a single study takes time, let alone doing research for each iteration of your product concept.

MARQTAI lets you research different areas rapidly. Using the parameters you set the guidelines for our research and depending on your interest area, we'll do online research. Validate all concept decisions based on the data you get, in a report or a chat. What's even better; as you mature your product you can do as much new research as you like to keep data in line with your development path.

Use Case 3: Enhanced Customer Engagement

Understanding what your customers need, what their behaviours are and how they prefer to buy from you can take surveys and a long time to figure out.

MARQTAI helps here by large amounts collecting data about your potential customers. Since we use publicly available sources, we are fast in collecting data and are not limited to the amount of data we access. It ensures you get a fast, yet balanced view of your customers. The assistant will allow you to pragmatically put those insights into practice.

Secure Cloud Environment

We utilise a secure cloud infrastructure, with all user data stored on our own cloud servers. This approach provides robust security against unauthorised access and data breaches.

Internal AI Processing

Our AI services, powered by Azure OpenAI, operate exclusively within our secure cloud. This means that user data does not leave our cloud, maintaining privacy and security throughout the AI service delivery process.

Secure Cloud Environment-1

MARQTAI is in Beta, Register Your Interest

Whilst MARQTAI is in beta, we are still working on making it work even better. Do you want to get involved now or are you interested in using our platform? Register your interest here.